Different days

A day when one of your all time favourite bands announces a day of take over events in your favourite part of Manchester and they’re doing a signing of the new album too. Only one thing to do. Aim to be there all day! The day the Charlatans took over Oldham Street, Manchester. That day. A Different Day. One of those … Different Days.

First stop the Manchester Mini Market to pick up a laminate for the day to see what’s happening, having a laminate instantly gives it a festival feel. I was one of the first there at 7am ready for a breakfast at Koffee Pot to set me up for the day. Why was I there at 7am? Because it was amazing weather, I’d got the train at 6.22am and it was already easily shorts, T-shirt and sandles weather. It also meant I could turn up and see what happens next. The Koffee Pot breakfast was treated with the first public playing of Different Days. The 13th studio album by the north-west’s most hard working of bands, surviving losses of band members through ill health and accident, estranged manager relationships, fashions evolving around them and a music industry struggling to survive a shift in how bands are ‘charted’ and how music is bought. I couldn’t wait for the official playback breakfast though, I’d already had my private playback on Spotify on the way into Manchester on the train.

Now with my laminate I amble up Oldham street towards Koffee Pot where I could see a crowd of (Dead Dead) good people waiting for Koffee Pot to open in half an hour. Whilst we’re waiting Tom (from Kiwi Krusha) collars me and asks if he can film me for the Charlatans video of the day. Two things here, 1, of course I’m up for it and 2, the Charlatans are just as excited about this day as the music fans. After all the love of the music is what has brought everyone together and tragically it was that same love that had brought 22 young people to Manchester just 4 days earlier to the Ariana Grande concert. I’d been in Manchester for two days in between the atrocity from that Monday night and I’d seen that Manchester had amazingly pulled together to carry on. The Charlatans also decided to carry on with the take over day and people had travelled from as far as France and Dublin to be involved (you can see Dominic on the video too, top lad).

“What are you queuing here for lads?” Emilie, a local girl who’d headed to town early to get her ‘Bee Tattoo‘ to tribute the lives lost, and celebrate (if that’s the right word) Manchester’s communities and resilience. “That’s cool, sounds like a great day” she remarked when I showed here around the happenings with the help of my laminate. “And… there’s a Charlatans track called Emilie too!”

Koffee Pot opens the shutters to the crowd awaiting breakfast and the first listen of the new album. Now those who know me will know that I’m quite happy being by myself at a gig/music event and over breakfast cause whilst it’s great being at a such an event with your mates or significant others, it’s also perfectly good appreciating the moment, the music and making new mates (there’s always someone else who wouldn’t miss a day like today regardless of whether they had a gig mate to share the day with or not). I was meeting my mate Joby at just after lunch and until then it was just socialise with the crowd, and keep him updated on WhatsApp. Cue first Different Day pal, Lee from Leeds. Sound bloke and full of many music related stories to share from both side. We talk about first gigs, favourite albums, record store day, the day ahead and the new album whilst we wait for the waitress to catch up on the house full of orders that they wouldn’t normally have so early in the morning. Of course the album was being played on the decks (Burgess being a record addict himself) and limited edition postcards were given out to start filling the bag of swag for the day. And there was lots of that to be had;

  • Different Day Mug (I grabbed one of those)
  • Postcards (I doubled up on these for Joby on his way into town later)
  • Prints – Tune Map (adapted tube map of Charlatans releases)
  • Beer mats
  • A Different Day beer from Krafty Brewery
  • Crisps
  • Coffee cups
  • Stickers
  • Walkmans Pre-loaded with a cassette copy of different days
  • Charlatans tour jacket in Oxfam owned by Mark from the Charlatans, a jacket Tim and Martin wore in iconic press shots in the 90’s
  • And even breakfast cereal and tea

If you read my blog about time travel the boardwalk charlatans gig featured in there and Lee from Leeds was at that gig. He’d bought the album on every format and was in the queue along side me as one of the first 150 to buy the album on release day from Piccadilly records. There was a guest list for a secret gig which is upcoming and as I type this the Charlatans instagram has posted a picture of Salford Lads Club, speculation has started. We’re getting notified closer to the time.

It was nearly 10am and I’d been up since before 6 I needed another coffee so I popped to Tim Peaks Coffee shop, a pop up at the African coffee shop on Oldham street. As soon as I walked in I bumped into charlatans pal number 2, Dominik from Ireland “I swam over I was so excited” now this guy is full of the day, sleaford mods T Shirt on and big lamb chop burns he’s all about the music. Next minute Video Guy Tom turns up “I’m following you about !” Jokes Tom. It seems that the Charlatans have acheived what they set out to and that’s to takeover Oldham St. everywhere you look there’s someone with a laminate round their necks. Shops are giving away postcards and memorabilia (I even got a postcard with the Tim special of chips gravy and peas from Les fish bar). I tried to blag the Different Days tea box from the coffee shop “come back at 4pm and you can have it” bearing in mind my bag is already filling up and non of the record shops are open yet. The day is being rounded off with a gig at the Lowry which starts at 4pm so I’ll let that tea box go.

Back to the Piccadilly Records queue and eventually the doors open at 10am “which Version are you going to get then?” Asks Lee. I was undecided on the LP or the 7″ boxset and cause I’m a sucker for a boxset I went for that – the album spread on 5×7″ clear vinyl and each of the 7″ has coloured versions of the album cover. I thought it be a good one to get signed and framed together at some point (when I figure out which wall in the house they can rest on).

There were some ‘special guests’ playing at 11am at the a Different Days pop up bar and the queue was building there already. We collect our records get our names on the guest list for the secret gig and head over to the Different Days pub in a disused shop called United footwear. There were already bands on and these lot had come over from Brooklyn, Pain of being pure. They look the part and sound really good, pretty lofi with pulses of energy maybe similar to Hooten Tennis Club or even Pavement.

The place is packed now with a bar in the middle serving Charlatans Hello Sunrise and Spinning Out Beer from the Taps thanks to Lancashire Brewery, a can bar at the back and a huge paella with some vintage style furniture wrapped in Charlatans prints up for sale too. On the walls are plenty of Charlatans posters and some excellent wall art from @Smashedhits, pictures made up of broken pieces of black vinyl records. They look so great – there’s one of the Charlatans Tellin’ Stories album front cover a clear favourite of mine … I get chatting to the artist Kirk and he tells me it’s Tim’s.

Whilst we were waiting for the band to come on I had look at the 7″ boxset. Nice jukebox set 🙂 the signing session is at Piccadilly after then gig and I’m thinking 4 of the sleeves signed by the band. That worked out nicely with Tim doing a bit of a personalised signing when I handed it to him and said “here’s the orange one.”

Plastic machinery kicks off the set which is Tim and Mark doing what they do best, acoustic versions of the classics – “that Tom ‘mouse’ Smith does this better than us” he’s referring to the youngster who’s getting plenty of attention and he played later at the Lowry too. ‘The only one I know’, ‘Solutions’, ‘Different Days’ fill out the set and then a perfect finale of ‘Just when you’re thinking things over’ – Tim dedicates it to the people and the place, a welcome and sobering reference to the terrible happenings earlier that week “this is for the city of Manchester” the crowd are in fantastic voice and this is one of my all time favourites. I remember this one well from the first time I saw the band live at the Manchester Apollo around 1995. Epic.

After the band finished I bumped into Picturedrome from Macclesfield getting some brilliant shots to share and then I get a message from my mate Joby saying he’s on his way, he’ll be gutted he missed that one.

As soon the band finish the place starts to empty, I stuck around and I’m glad I did cause Slow Readers Club came on next. Sounding fantastic and completely unexpected.

The signing queue was big and it was baking hot so I decided to Check Black milk – the salted caramel shake there was proper refreshing – good mix of 90’s hiphop, snoop and friends, a massive box totes amazeballs  and a space to chill and recharge my phone before the afternoon of beer and music begins. On my way back down Oldham Street to Piccadilly Records I popped into the photo exhibition by Charlotte Wellings. She kindly handed me a postcard earlier on. She’s caught some fantastic shots of musicians and has another exhibition coming up soon. One of her shots was from the Charlatans Albert Hall gig from the Modern Nature tour, it’s a great shot of the circular balcony and me and my wife were only marginally off shot.

When I got back to Piccadilly the queue for the signing had gone down considerably so I jumped in – 20 mins later I was in front of the band to get their squiggles on the record the day was all about. I had the orange 7″ to Tim and say “here’s the orange one” (a reference to the early Charlatans song Polar Bear “looking for the orange one”) – he smiled and sign it “the orange one” – Whilst I was stood there Plastic Machinery came on and Mark Collins starts nod his head like it’s the first time he’s heard it… maybe it was haha. A bunch of really down to earth guys in a band that has successful put another top record.

Enter Joby, gutted that he’s missed out on the first half of the day and as it’s about 26 degrees out side he’s gasping for a drink. We head over to United Footwear again and have a pint from Lancaster Brewery again. And a coupe of Different Days beers to take away curtesy of Krafty Brew.

Charli white was playing at stage and radio so we popped in there before heading to the Lowry. It was free pass with the Tim Peaks FM sticker on the Waxi which we completely messed up and mistimed so we got the taxi instead.

A bit of an Album review:

The setting sun, fantastic baseline and vocal melody – taking me back to some friendly – is this the one with Anton on? Cause the ending is very BJM and would be really happy with some spoken word over it.

There will be chances is my favourite after a few listens brilliant anthem of a chorus and melody! Mark Collins with vocals on this one too that makes a different dynamic for the band.

Hey sunrise – sounding in line with Burgess solo stuff at first and then building into a very train friendly groove. Train Friendly? Yes cause I pressed play on this on the way to Manchester for the Different Days takeover, as everyone who was in Manchester that day knows it was a scorcher and the 6.22 from Macclesfield left my home town with a cracker of a sunrise.

Zoe Kyoti Mash Guru Macclesfield

Thursday nights are a music treat at Mash Guru in Macclesfield and this one is no exception. There’s a brilliant singer song writer called Zoe Kyoti – also there’s Crepes upstairs. Banana and chocolate Crepe followed by some brilliant folk guitar tunes. “This ones inspired by sitting round a campfire whilst eating baked beans straight from the tin” I’m all about this music it’s proper nice especially enjoying the crepe from Chou Chou at the same time.

Click here to listen whilst you read 🙂

“This one’s by the Doors” Now I like the doors and follows a top cover of people are strange. 

“This next one’s about a break up, it’s a sad song. Or is it a good one.”

A Portishead Dummy cover is perfectly suited for the guitar sound and Zoe’s voice – sounds fantastic. I’m imagining another guitarist supporting her on this but it’s all her. “That’s beautiful” comes from the crowd and the guys right it was excellent.

She’s in a band called the Magic Beans and about to release another solo album. Remember the first rule of band Club. I’ll be after the CD.

A couple of the songs are beautifully accompanied by a foot drum pedal. I’m sure there’s a technical name for this bit of kit but she plays it really well and it gives a lovely depth to the songs. And I find out later it’s called a ‘Stomper’ nice onamatipeaic device (yes I paid attention in my England classes at school).

Another cover Nick Drakes Riverman – her voice isn’t scared of any of the notes and it’s soft to the point of being slightly hypnotic and soothing. <takes sip of good beer> Now I picked up Joni Mitchell’s Blue the other week from Vinyl Planet (a favourite album of mine) and I love her voice and if it’s the right place and reference to give Zoe’s version of Riverman sounds like Joni Mitchell is singing it. Hope she takes that as a compliment it’s meant to be.

Mash is a brilliant venue for this type of gig, whilst it’s busy, it is quiet in fact you could hear a pin drop, full of people appreciating the brilliant music and a couple of beers (and a crepe :))

My mate Karl says it sounds like a harp – “how’s she doing it?” How is she doing it?! It sounds ace! Now Karl is a great musician himself so I always think I am astonished by the technical side of music but if a musician gets lost in the magic it MUST be good.

Pink Floyd Money cover is well received by the crowd that’s increased in the bar.”I’ve seen lots of David Bowie pictures around the bar and my nickname is Dave cause Zoe rhymes with  Bowie” – this is female Seu Jorge and in English – Life on mars, acoustic cover. Life aquatic hits Macc.

A Brazilian tune with “a dozen chords in it” sounds perfect she must be native from there or at least family background. “That’s Brazilian Portuguese … with a Stockport twang” and straight into Kate Bush cover Babooshka. Really well done. On the way home my mate Simon says “not a lot of people do Kate Bush covers and no ever does them well” she nailed it!

Ok it’s safe to say that if you see Zoe Kyoti on a gig bill anywhere go and see her. She very good. Anyone Pete gets in at Mash tends to be top drawer and she definitely delivered. Glad I came out.

“Let’s play something from the 80’s… ” Dirty Cash cover with ” Great arrangement” my mate Steve says and he’s right it sounds excellent. 

“Now we can do something fun” video killed the radio star cover – full of stomper beautiful vocals and a crowd that appreciates it.

Massive attack Teardrop and the stomper is a solid heartbeat to this one – Zoe’s voice is well suited to this one. One of my favourites as well. Nice one.

Zoe has enjoyed the night and shows the appreciation to the crowd with an encore of a Brazilian tune and then a top cover of Ghost town by the Specials. A really good rendition.

Thanks to Pete and Jane at MASH for putting the gig on.

A festival overflowed into our back garden… Secretly!

Some say be careful what you wish for it might just come true! I’m a bit more positive than that 😀

Here’s what happens – you dream and dream and guess what if an opportunity comes up to make it a reality then there’s only one thing to do and that’s put your hand up and say, “yes”  

That’s exactly the story when Barnaby Festival were looking for people to give up their space for the Space themed 2016 edition. Barnaby in case you don’t know is one of the fastest growing festivals in the country and it just so happens to be in ‘my backyard’ (metaphorically speaking and now actually … read on). Every two years Macclesfield and its surroundings turns into a hive of creative and family focuses activity, from musical talents to artistic genius, local crafts to parades in the streets.


“We’re looking for people of the town to give up their personal spaces for Barnaby in 2016” said Karl Wallace festival director when I first met him. “I’m game” I volunteered with no hesitation.

I’ve always fancied having a mini festival in my back garden and here was a chance to have a team of experts help me set it up. The Barnaby West Bond Stage was born!


We had amazing luck with the weather and for the two hours that our secret garden gig was open it was a dry and sunny slot between 6-8pm. DJ3, Bleeding Hands and Charli White all performed brilliantly under cover provided for the festival, it served great as our own scaled down version of the Pyramid Shaped one that was 150 miles down the road that weekend. No wellies were needed at ours, the portaloo (aka the Tardis) wasn’t overflowing and the BYOB policy meant a pint of fosters for 9 quid was saved for elsewhere, and the entertainment was worthy of any glasto line up in our books.

At 5.45 with 15 minutes until we officially started the anticipation started to build – “Were people actually going to turn up?” We asked ourselves. And sure enough 70 people, some we knew well and others we knew better by the end of the evening were welcomed into our secret garden gig.


They were treated first to a fantastic acoustic set by Charli White, a young singer songwriter from Macclesfield who our daughters love to watch live – check out page 7 of the Macc Express this week to see the young dancers enjoying Charli’s set. She even signed a copy of her EP ‘All I Want’ for the girls and gave them a plectrum. (As we all know by now; the first rule of gig club is …? That’s right ‘Always buy the music!’)

With a short break of music (space themed of course) the festival goers were then brought up to beat with the funk fuelled grooves of DJ3, (playing in MASH as I type this whilst babysitting so my bro and lay down the bass lines). Playing old and new they were the headline act and the reason we sold out tickets so quickly. The lads have been in bands in the area for years and DJ3 got back together recently and started to record new material – it’s sounding great too, check out KRUSH.



By this time the festival feel was well at home surrounded by our space and my veg patch was still in tact too.

To close our slot was our very own Bleeding Hands, one of the rawest and individual talents of the local music scene. Comments making there way round of how great his voice is his self-written and original songs complimented by well known covers too.


Then I get called up to accompany the ‘Bleeded one’ in a cover of Bittersweet Symphony , the Verve. A fun end to a great evening and we were joined by Nick from DJ3 too.

A night of fantastic music and fun all to support the Barnaby festival was brought to a close, so everyone could walk round to Christ Church round the corner to witness a brilliant lunar rising. Thanks to all involved.

‘Til next time Barnaby. Nanu Nanu.


Photo credits to Steve Thornhill and Travelling Simon – cheers gents!

All for one – The Stone Roses

Is it the best they’ve ever done? Of course it isn’t. All they back and meaning business. It seems so. Is that more important than anything else to millions of people? Most definitely!

As a quick summary of my first thoughts after 3 listens of ‘All for one‘. It’s been buzzing through my head like the most welcome of ear worms all day. A symbolic guitar, drums and bass statement of purpose from the rythmn section of Squire, Reni and Mani and Brown has a mantra that a friend of mine said Dogtanian had nailed in the 80’s. Now in my very humble opinion Brown has done exactly what he needed to do. Make a statement, develop a great vocal hook and the rest does the work for itself. 3 mins of a return tune from The Stone Roses leaving us with baited breath of the new album?

And then a little story…


Walking through Manchester with a colleague and I hear what sounds like live music… Look to the park and there are people there… Could this be a publicity stunt? My split second excitement was short lived but the next picture was also full of similar excitement and appreciation of music, love it.

A delivery driver sits in his van, ‘All for one’ on full blast, eyes closed, head bobbing, sun shining, this worker on a (un)scheduled break, Manchester in awe of the Stone Roses’ return. I asked the guy (at the end of the track), “You like it mate.” He replies with a (Manc)heshire grin “it’s good to have ’em back innit mate?”. In his joy the importance of these four men is so important to the world of Music and especially Manchester. “It is mate… Nice one!” I leave him to his joy of the sunny Manchester day, and the new tune from Manchester’s finest and walk on round the corner. The photo attached was the first bit of graffiti I saw round the corner – Manchester (and the world of music) is once again alight at The Stone Roses ! #allforone


Steve Mason – Mcr Academy 2


Pictures tell a thousand words and I’m struggling to put this gig into words.

I’m new to the party with Steve Mason’s solo material and I strongly recommend you check out his new album Meet the Humans. The theme of which was transferred to the screen behind the band throughout the performance, we Met the Humans.


Producer of the Album and keyboardist for Elbow, Craig Potter was there to enjoy the show too and let us revel in the live musical intimacy of Steve Mason and his band at the academy 2, Manchester.


When playing a stand out track from the new album, Runaway, Steve says, “this is a classic song about breaking up” and the crowd respond with a spontaneous, “aaaaaaah”. “Don’t cry for me I’m already dead!” responded Steve. “Save yourselves!” The crowd laugh and the comfort of Steve Mason on stage is shown by his cold heart wit, perfect vocals and perfectly executed songs (stopping one half way through cause he wasn’t happy with it). It would be wrong not to mention his effortless style on stage as well – Norwegian smock jacket (sealed with a brown leather buckle), high front brace held trousers and collarless shirt. “These are ‘high-front’s’, Manchester… I’m yet to see them.” Thanks for the fashion tip Steve I’ll take the smock and belt. I leave the pants though, cheers.


Ok if you haven’t heard the Beta Band. Listen. Buy. Enjoy.

If you want to explore some of Steve Mason’s solo music your best placed with Meet the Humans or Monkey Minds in the Devils time. Listen. Buy. Enjoy.

Earworms: Alive, Fire, Runaway

Here’s those pic’s I struggled for words for : )







The Coral – Albert Hall Mcr


I arrived in Manchester an hour and a half earlier than Paul, my gig-going-pal and the one who has the tickets. It’s half 5, Coffee or beer? I opted for a good brew coffee at the coffee shop on Piccadilly approach, Idle Hands. They were playing a good mix of Joy Division, Smiths, and others from the area. A good start to an evening of musical indulgence.

The gigs where you’re not expecting to go often work out to be the best – there’s no great expectations and therefore it’s just gonna be a good night of live music. Some of the regions best as well. Tonight we are hosted by the Coral. Paul arrived with the tickets into Piccadilly Tap and the chat about records, gigs and all things music begins.

The venue for the gig is the relatively new Albert hall – I remember coming in here the first time to see the War on Drugs last year – amazed by the venue. My mate Paul had never been and it grabbed him too, “these are the best seats in the house”. As we walked in Paul reminisced about his first Manchester gig in the neighbouring Free Trade Hall in ’91. The Charlatans 😳. “I was too young to be at that one”, “so was I!” laughs Paul – he was only 14. That was the year I went to my first gig when I was 11, The Beach Boys in Birmingham. Having been in a house full of Beach Boys harmonies since as long as I can remember when, it was a fitting first gig and will be long remembered.

The Coral are the headliners tonight and they were more than ably supported by Sundowners. We took in Sundowners, who I’d not heard before, sounding very Coral and also similar to Wooden Shijps with more vocals, female heavy on the frontline too. “We’re just recording our second album” I’ll be grabbing their debut whilst it’s still available. <exits WordPress and looks for the vinyl>.


 Sundowners finished and unfortunately their LP is nowhere to be seen on the worldwidewebasphere.  A quick trip to the merch stand sorted that out though. £23 later, the latest from the Coral, Distance Inbetween and the debut 7″ single from Sundowners, Hummingbird. The first rule of gig club, is always snap up a chance to go to gig club (nice one Joby!), the second rule of gig club is always buy the music.


 Opening the records was received well by all on the train back to Macclesfield “hey it’s good to see someone buying records nowadays” “I’ve got all my original records too mate!” – admittedly the admiration was coming from the over 50’s and seeing as I’m closer to 40 than 30 now that’s alright by me.

The Coral played a mix of old and new and the crowd (and I) bounced along to every one. Perosnal faves of mine, 1000 years, Dreaming of you (quick FaceTime sneak peak back home to Shel), In the morning, Pass it on, Simon Diamond, Goodbye and then a couple of new ones, including Connecter the opener to Distance Inbetween.

Great venue. Some new wax. Fantastic live band. Nice one Paul.


Jake Evans – Day One


A local lad come good.

Day One is an excellent debut album from a long standing stage hugger, Jake Evans.

My bro and I caught his live show at the Night and Day which was preceded by Hot Vestry round the corner at Soup Kitchen. He was joined on stage by his band mate Ash from the days of Rambo and Leroy. Stand out tracks on the album, Easy on my soul, This is Life, The Horses, Telephone, and the latest single Glorious.

Having toured with New Order, collaborated with Bernard Sumner on Bad Lieutenant and correctly chosen as guitar lead for Jimi Goodwin. Jake has stamped his deal firmly into music with his debut album and all the good stuff flows brilliantly onto a live stage.

If you’re quick there’s still some limited vinyl copies too signed by Jake.

Meet the humans – Steve Mason


We often listen to BBC6 at the weekend and love the variety of choice of the music new, old and sometimes obscure (that is if Jess Glynne isn’t on as the soundtrack to the latest dance display from my daughters). Mary Anne Hobbs in many cases sends through musical vibes that are unexpected and often fill my ‘to listen to’ list for the following week and last weekend I switched on to a nice, rolling and upbeat track from Steve Mason‘s latest offering meet the humans.

Steve is better known for his mastermind of The Beta Band a band I’ve played a few times on the airwaves  myself. Claps, keys, acoustics, harmonies and beautiful calming falsetto to relax and uplift. “Can you feel you’re heart with hope now as you break out your life…

P.s. Rest assured my daughters love (most of) my music as well and Elbow, Stone Roses and the Charlatans are regular bedtime songs 👍🏻🎶

2015 albums favourited by my ears pt. 1

There has been a bit of surge of half year reviews recently – a sign of the amount of great music surfacing? Or a drive for more sales? Either way here’s my 2p’s worth,

My Morning Jacket – The Waterfall – A fantastic album and the first of my (very delayed) discovery of how great My Morning Jacket actually are. This discovery is spurred on by their appearance at End of The Road festival which i’ll be at next weekend. Jim James has the ability to take the form of various vocal leads in this album and has a superb range that captures every listen one track he sounds like Ezra Koenig and the next like Ian Brown, he’s Jim James. Stand out tracks, In it’s infancy (the Waterfall), Believe, No-one Knows and Spring (among the living)

Tame Impala – Currents – this album has been long awaited and hasn’t disappointed – another band at End of the road (they’ve split the festival goers for their 10th birthday party this year), I saw them live when they released their debut album a very deep band with the ability to transform tracks sometimes beyond recognition (and recollection) in comparison to the studio recordings. This album is a cementing of their status as (in Marc Ronsons ears) the best Rock and Roll band in the world today. Bring on next week! Stand out tracks are: The less i know the better, Let it Happen, The Moment, ‘Cause I’m a man. Mesmerising.

Public Service Broadcasting – The Race For Space – Not many albums have you feeling emotional and captivated, drawn in like a good film. The mixture of excellent grooves, beats, synths and extracts from the historical ‘Space Race’ including NASA control at Huston recordings and the famous JFK speech that blasts the album off are all plenty enough to give a feel of a musical timeline to these points in history. I’m yet to see PSB live and i’m keeping my eyes peeled for dates cause they are truly fantastic live too by all accounts. Stand out tracks Gagarin, The Other Side and the Intro. Spin Chillingly good.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Multi-Love – any story of a love triangle between a bloke and the two loves of his life is going to create mixed emotions especially when the women become very close and he starts to get pushed out and feels in between rather that embraced. The album navigates the rough sees of love, lust and desire. its a good one as well tickets are in the bag for the manchester gig next month. Stand out tracks Multi-Love, Like acid rain, Ur life one night, Can’t keep checking my phone.

Django Django – Born Under Saturn – their second album proper and full of the melody and harmonies of the first starting off with a favourite of mine Giant and include lots of tracks that will ignite their live set – i’m seeing them for the first time live next week at EOTR – cant’t wait. Stand out tracks; First Light, Reflections, Giant, Break Glass, Shot Down.

Etienne De crecy – Super Discount 3 – I bought this cause of the format (all the 10″ records make a larger version of the album cover) and don’t regret it – Whilst i’m not an expert i have an appreciation for dance and this albums is a cracker. Stand out tracks WTF, Hashtag My Ass and Cut the crap… bangers!

Chemical Brothers – Born In the Echoes – The Chems are still knocking out top tunes and with a collective of top collaborations on this album they are in good company with the likes of Q-Tip, Beck and St.Vincent. Sometimes I feel so deserted metronomically slingshots the album through the signature Chemical Beats. I love playing the tracks off this album and doing some daring mixes – ‘Go’ mixed in nicely to ‘WTF’ Etienne De Crecy in my first mix i recorded (one take!)

Wolf Alice – My Love is cool – enchanting vocals and cosmics looping round this album its top and it’s pretty unique.

Noel Gallagher – Chasing Yesterday – another great album from britpops leader Noel G – staple stadium filling tracks and is well placed in a still Oasis heavy live set.

The Charlatans – Modern Nature – this album saw the rise of the Charlatans to their presence on stage which was a kin to the Tellin Stories era. 

More from Everything Everything,

Courtney Barnett,

Jake Evans

In part two ……..

Self indulging in Christmas vinyl

I’ve just had a great evening sat with a couple of beers listening to my new purchases:

Noel Gallaghers Remix album, Nirvana – Nirvana, Courtney Barnett, Beach Slang and next up Toro y Moi

There’s nothing better than getting lost in music with your feet up and a good beer – this year has been a flood with great albums and I’m sure there’ll be a blog post of the ‘best of’s’ – the New Years blogolution is write short posts often.

The Nirvana best of album is a must have for any true fan – it’s got the last ever recording by Kurt Cobain , ‘you know you’re right’ – and as a best of its got the usual suspects and also a couple of unexpecteds (although I love them all!)

Beach slang has got everything that a raw rock band should have and some varied tracks on the album and a distortion heavy ‘demolition’ track to finish … Anyone mention Nirvana earlier ?!

The Noel Gallagher remix album is a good variety of vibes and including some nice reworks. That was the one that started my night of musical reflection (read work, music and beer)

Til next time,